Welcome to the 17th edition of the monthly transparency report (for June 2016). I’ve created this series to talk about everything that’s been happening behind the curtains at CodeinWP and ThemeIsle. Each month, I try to cover the most interesting goings-on. Click here to see the previous reports. Team growth and direction going forward June and May were some stressful months for me, and they took their toll. Personally, my health wasn’t ideal, yet I still decided to travel halfway through Europe to visit/attend different events. First WC Porto, then the big WC Europe (where I traveled along with the team), then back to Bucharest to visit the new office. This all added up, and I eventually realized – while in Vienna (#WCEU) – that it all came really close to my personal threshold of “too much to handle.” For instance, at the time of writing this, I am quite afraid to hire new people to join the team, even though some helping hands would certainly be appreciated. Moreover, sometimes I even feel that the existing size of the team – 16 people – is too much already. But hold off on that for a second… How did this even become possible
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