As an application, WordPress is in a unique position. For one thing, it powers roughly 25% of the web in that it serves as both as a blogging platform and content management system. But it's also an application that has a vibrant economy of designers and developers around it who can extend the application and push it to do far more than the core application can. When it comes to software development, it's not at all uncommon to see this type of economy built around other libraries, frameworks, and languages, but to see this built around an actual application is unique. In short, we not only have users who are using WordPress to power their site or their blog, but we have people who are making a living by providing services to these individuals and businesses and customers at large by building unique products. Ultimately, it's about solving problems that these customers need to fully round out what WordPress provides. But if you're someone who is moving from another field into WordPress, or you're looking to get started in WordPress development, how can you identify where your talents would be best utilized? WordPress is a large application, and it provides a lot of functionality and
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