It’s hard to find the best WordPress plugin. Not only do you have to test to see if the plugin does what it’s advertised to do, you need to understand who is behind the code before you add it to your website. You don’t want to select the wrong plugin and end up entangled in a #panamapapers scandal. Often times, we don’t realize we’ve made the wrong choice until after the new WordPress website launches or there’s some critical bug causing the white screen of death. We can, however, put in some diligence to ensure we’ve put our potential plugins through the paces before we even click the add new button. Use the FUSE to select the best WordPress plugin! In our guide, How to find the best WordPress plugins, we’ll cover the strategy and mindset you should use to select the best WordPress plugin for your next website build. We’re calling it the FUSE strategy: Fit Usability Support Ecosystem FUSE outlines the key areas aiming to ensure not only that you’ve made the right decision, but that you’ll continue to operate a healthy and functional WordPress website. The FUSE guide is useful for both beginners and intermediate WordPress
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