Onboarding. It’s a term you’ve probably heard, but haven’t been completely sure what it means for you or your WordPress plugin business. For every product, there is much more to think about than simply making something that fulfills a customer need. Customers have to understand how to use the product and enjoy using it. That’s where onboarding comes in. Onboarding is important for all successful products, including WordPress plugins and themes. Here’s the CreativeMinds guide to understanding and improving plugin onboarding to help create the best possible user experience and develop WordPress plugins that survive in long-term. Before we get into how to improve onboarding, let’s jump into what onboarding means. What is WordPress Plugin Onboarding? Here are a few important definitions that can help us understand onboarding: User onboarding, according to Wikipedia, is defined as “the process of improving a person’s success with a product or service.” According to UserOnboard, user onboarding is “the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product.” These are two similar definitions
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