Nobody could have predicted that the new Pokemon Go game can have such a great impact on young people's lives. The game is played both by kids and by young adults who chase virtual pocket monsters down the streets of their hometowns. Everybody is talking about Pokemon Go. While there are only a few of those who actually don't like the entire Pokemon idea, the others are talking with their peers and are trying to catch that rare Pokemon which is nowhere to be found. We even found a free Pomemon theme for WordPress. Sometimes, mapping things can be helpful. In this case, you might want to map all Pokemon you have found so far so that you can help your friends in their future adventures. Since we're all about WordPress, we have found an easy and fun way of putting all your Pokemon on the map. Of course, we're talking about a plugin. So, if you're ready to show of the last locations where you successfully caught your Pokemon, Google Maps Widget PRO premium plugin is here to help. Create a map with your Pokemon Go We already showed you what you can do with Google Maps Widget PRO. But today, let's see how to create a map and pinpoint each and every Pokemon on it. In order to create this map,
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