WordPress 4.2 introduced a feature where admin notices can now be dismissed / removed from the admin page currently being viewed. One caveat I discovered was, the dismissal do not persist across pages. That is, when you reload or navigate away from the current admin page to another, you will still see the notice. I wrote a small library / plugin that elegantly solves this problem which i will be sharing to us. You can easily reuse it in your themes and plugins. And it is also pretty well documented. Here is a link to the library on GitHub How to Use it Firstly, install and activate it by cloning / downloading to your WordPress wp-content/plugins directory. Say you have the following markup as your admin notice 12345678 functionsample_admin_notice__success(){?><div class="updated notice notice-success is-dismissible"><p><?php_e('Done!','sample-text-domain');?></p></div><?php}add_action('admin_notices','sample_admin_notice__success'); To make it hidden forever when dismissed, add the following data attribute data-dismissible="disable-done-notice-forever" to the div markup like so: 12345678 functionsample_admin_notice__success(){?><div
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