We don't condone, approve nor encourage any illegal or malicious behavior. The purpose of this article is to explain how to hack or regain access to a WordPress site that belongs to you, or that you have rights to edit, admin and access. Whatever you do, you're doing it on your own. We're not responsible for your actions. Described methods will help you regain access to the site even if you no longer have an account, but will require some info about the site and they won't help you hack into any random WordPress installation. Situations you can help yourself in If you're in one of the following situations, our methods will help you regain access: you forgot the username or email address reset password option does not work on the server reset password emails are not coming through you no longer have access to the account's email address you know the username & password, but the combination just does not work To use the methods described below, you'll need only one of the following: FTP access to the server, or cPanel access to the server, or access to the MySQL database and the ability to connect to it remotely Method #1 – the MySQL way Use this method to change the password
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