Have you ever stared at your computer, wondering how you could get the promised, pre-published post to your internal or external client or a guest blogger without giving them a login? Passing out WordPress logins or creating a demo login around the office or to your clients doesn’t end up working well. The Public Post Preview plugin provides the needed option for you, allowing you to share a blog before publication with someone, without giving them access to anything else. They simply see the preview through the URL. This plugin allows you to activate a private link for WordPress posts and share them while in draft mode. You can send these links to someone without the need of the guest logging in. This is great news for marketing teams creating content and needing quick approval, or an editorial team sharing content between other departments. Overview of Public Post Preview The hottest way to grow traffic is through content marketing, and businesses are investing in content creation more than ever. As easy as WordPress is to use for publishing posts to the company blog, it’s not always as seamless for sharing unpublished content to non-logged in users. Publishing workflows
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