No matter how many times you multiply a zero, the grand total of all multiplications will always be zero. Similarly, you cannot make money with zero investment. If success came at no cost, everybody would be a millionaire, right? So, you must spend money, if you are looking to make money from any business and it’s the same with “making money online.” It’s true that setting up an online business or website costs a fraction of what a brick-and-mortar business will cost, but still–it’s not free. It’s also true that you can make up for the lack of money by spending a lot of time and effort, but you cannot do everything on your own. That’s why, as the title here suggests, if you want to make money and earn a real living from your website, you’re going to need to invest at least some money into it to see its full potential. Let’s look at it in detail: Stand Out of The Crowd With Custom Design WordPress is free and there are thousands of free themes available. However, a free theme cannot be a substitute for a premium or a custom made website that was designed with your requirements, brand, and target audience in mind. Almost all
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