There are several page builder plugin for WordPress, Visual Composer is one of the best on the market due to its ease of use. You will be able to create attractive and professional pages for your visitors without any programming knowledge. This plugin is used on more than one million sites, besides, all Pluton demos were created with Visual Composer. Add extra functionality to Visual Composer Several modules (shortcodes) are available by default, with the Addons VC extension, several new modules are added to Visual Composer, pricing tables, icon boxes, blog carousel, headings and more, I present you below. 02. Buttons Call your customers to action, several styles are available, you can choose the size of your buttons, color, font size, in short, you can create buttons with a unique style. 03. Blog Carousel If you want to display your latest posts in carousel, with this module, it is possible. 05. Font Icon Displays simple icons, several icons are available, you can choose the color, size, height, and more. 06. Headings Give style to your titles, choose your font family, your height, your margin, to make your page attractive. Add an input to allow your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.
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