Lately I’ve been stumbling upon a lot of discussion about the premium WordPress themes market. Is it worth trying to sell WordPress themes? TL;DR Yes, definitely. It’s not 2009 though. It’s harder to claim a spot in this market but I think there’s still room for great themes out there. Competition is fierce. Most importantly, it totally depends on you. Is it worth it? What’s the market size? Is the market crowded? Saturated? Do we need more themes? What kind of themes? Can I make a living out of it? Is there a theme (or 10) for every possible niche out there? Should I just give it a try? (Back To) Basics Do You Have What It Takes? By releasing a premium WordPress theme out there for people to use, you are basically committing yourself to a rather painful but also really exciting long-term process. If you are looking to get into it just for making quick buck, sorry, you’ve picked the wrong game. A WordPress theme, as the name suggests, isn’t a standalone product. Every 3 or 4 months a new major version of WordPress is being released. Things change, sometimes radically and your theme should be compatible with these changes. What about users who
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