A corporate blog is a major cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy, right alongside the rest of the website, analytics, and of course email marketing. Spinning up a blog is a crucial first step for many organizations looking to increase their profile and attract more customers with content marketing. Today there’s a flurry of blogging platforms to choose from, many of them free to start, that can help kick off the process and turn even the smallest business into a powerhouse content publisher. But what if your company already has a blog? And what if that existing blog, and the platform it is run on, has been around for a decade? This is the story of the team that inherited a ten-year-old blog and migrated it to a new platform to redesign the entire user experience, juice up organic search traffic, and keep content writers from throwing their laptops out the window in frustration. Time for a Change I joined Campaign Monitor a year and a half ago to run digital marketing. Campaign Monitor provides an elegantly simple email marketing platform for growing businesses. I’ve always been a huge fan of the product and team and was thrilled to be given an opportunity to be
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