Today is July 12th and it is a very special day for the team at ManageWP. We are launching Orion, the platform we have been building for the past two years. Orion is ManageWP reimagined. It is the most comprehensive and most sophisticated software for managing WordPress ever made. Orion at its heart exist for a simple purpose – to give every WordPress professional equal opportunity to succeed. By bringing most powerful tools available to any WordPress professional or agency anywhere in the world into a single product, ManageWP Orion gives you the unique ability to focus on your work and clients. This day is also very special and emotional to me. If you have read the original three part ManageWP story you know that ManageWP classic launched just two days after my first daughter was born. It so happens, that ManageWP Orion launches two days after the birthday of my second daughter. I don’t want to tell you at this moment that Orion is perfect. It isn’t, and I could show you a product backlog that spans 1,000 items. You will notice glitches here and there, especially in the first few days following the launch. I just ask you to report them to us and do not worry. We are
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