Marketing sucks for (most) WordPress developers. Two major issues being there’s not enough time to do it, and there’s a certain stigma that it becomes to sales-y. Throughout my travels, I’ve noticed a lot developers that have successful products — still — are afraid to really build up the marketing arm of their business. Even when they know they need to do it, they become paralyzed to take action. Today I’m stoked to interview Tonya Mork, electrical engineer & software engineer since the mid-80’s, experienced with managing multi-million dollar robotic projects, and now recently launching Know the Code membership site on today’s show. Hands down, this is one of my top shows of 2016. Tonya brings a wealth of knowledge and actionable advice that will inspire you to get out there and conquer your business — or at the very least — today’s to-do list. Take action in your business with Tonya Mork We wear many different hats as freelancers & boutique agency owners. You might be developing and designing a website, but you also need to market yourself as the complete solution to continually attract customers. That is to
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