PluginsCon is a conference dedicated to WordPress themes and plugins scheduled for September 8-9 in Salt Lake City, Utah, organized by Janet Thaeler and Joel Otterstrom. The event is geared towards developers, users, and marketers and was announced in April but has been pushed back to September 8-9 of 2017. I reached out to the organizing team to find out why it was delayed and received the following response from Otterstrom. We wanted to give ourselves more time to plan an amazing event and not conflict with our local WordCamp. So we have pushed it back from this year to next. While browsing the site and researching information related to the event, I discovered a number of things that concern me. Inconsistent Event Date PluginsCon’s main page says the event will take place in 2017 but on the Why Attend, Registration page, and the PluginsCon Twitter account, the date says 2016. Having two different years is confusing to members of the media and especially to those interested in speaking or attending. Lack of Venue Information The most important part of hosting an event is the venue. The PluginsCon website says the event will take place in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, but doesn’t
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