Since the early builds, I have had the pleasure of testing Pressmatic. For those unfamiliar with Pressmatic, it is a tool for creating local development environments, primarily for WordPress; created by Headway Themes founder, Clay Griffiths. As a user of both VVV and DesktopServer, I wasn’t sure if there was much need for me to even bother with yet another way to create local environments. The same tools that I have been using for years still work just fine. What possible reason would I have to switch? Well, I was wrong. Pressmatic is the new king in town. Is switching worth the effort? It’s always fun playing with a new tool that hasn’t even been released yet. While new and shiny is great, I have a specific workflow already with VVV. When first presented with Pressmatic, I didn’t care about it much. I thought it was great that a new product was entering the space, but it just really didn’t fill a need that wasn’t already taken care of by my existing solutions. Over time, I watched Pressmatic evolve and began to see more and more value in it. It was becoming far more than just a tool to create development sites; it was beginning to resolve issues
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