A year after the merger of Ephox and TinyMCE, the company has announced TinyMCE bundles for premium features. Now you can buy TinyMCE Basic, Pro, or Enterprise. The free Community edition will also still be available.

TinyMCE Bundles

The Community option is the open source, free version we’re all used to. The Basic plan acts as an a la carte option allowing you to select the plugins you want. With the Pro Plan, you’ll have access to all of the available plugins and won’t have to choose. Enterprise hasn’t changed significantly with the additions of the new bundles.

Basic starts at $29 a month, $99 for Pro, and varies for Enterprise.

TinyMCE Bundles

According to Product Specialist, Ken Hodges, the decision to move to bundles came after receiving feedback from around the community.

“The marketing team actively engage via social media, email, events and by producing content and documentation, while our customer success team run direct engagement programs with certain user groups,” Hodges said. “From the sales side, the past 12-months our sales team fielded thousands of queries from TinyMCE users and many of them required a solution that didn’t quite fit our model at the time. So we asked them what they needed.”

The new bundles give the customer more flexibility select the features they need. Before there were only two plans: Community and Enterprise. There wasn’t’ a middle ground for people looking for something more professional without going all the way Enterprise.

“So there wasn’t anything in-between for developers and smaller businesses (or enterprises with non-enterprise wide projects) who wanted only one or two of the advanced plugins, or didn’t need to deploy the editor to hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of users. Our community now has that flexibility,” Hodges said.

It’s been a big year since the merger. TinyMCE has been able to add image editing, leading Word copy/paste technology, accessibility checking technology, and more.

“We didn’t create new plans and an easier way to buy them online because we thought it would be a good idea, we did this because we listened to our customers and delivered what they want,” Hodges said. “It’s early days and we will continue to iterate and improve our offerings so that everyone has choice. It has been a fun 12-months since TinyMCE and Ephox merged and we’re incredibly excited about the next twelve.”

You can download the new TinyMCE package here.

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