The WordPress plugin repository is a platform which seeks the interest of almost every user who has toyed around with WordPress in one way or the other. Efforts have been put since 2014 to redesign the plugin repo with a few enhanced features. Recently in a blog post, Konstantin Obenland announced that the third beta version of the proposed plugin repository is out and open for the community feedback. The entire process is monitored by the WordPress meta team, and you can view the latest design beta release of the new WordPress plugin repository here. But, let’s take a step back and discuss what the meta team is all about. ‘Make’ WordPress and the ‘Meta’ Team WordPress is no more a blogging platform. It has evolved from democratizing content to a full-fledged website building tool such that people have built their independent sites, online stores, etc. with this open source script. Owing to its multi-tier architecture, the WordPress is divided into components like core, design, accessibility, themes, plugins, etc. And the best way to get in touch and involved with any of these components is via the Make WordPress Blog. “” is
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