Yesterday, I let my emotions out on Twitter: Ugh. Seems like people only want to use open source for free. When it comes to paying for support or fixing bugs, no one sees the value. So many good projects on Github living semi-abandoned, decrepit lives because there’s no economic model for maintaining them. Feeling quite discouraged right now For the last several months, I’ve been slowly, steadily working to solve this problem with runcommand (albeit in a limited domain, WP-CLI commands). Eventually, I’d like for runcommand to become a healthy, for-profit company, with an entire team to work on these two problems: Provide ongoing maintenance and general improvements to existing infrastructure many businesses depend upon. Collaboratively create new features, to reduce the development and maintenance burden for those who use it. "Sparks" is my first iteration on the collaborative roadmap concept. For instance, every single managed WordPress hosting company would benefit from a diagnostic tool for WordPress sites, yet none of them have invested in an open source solution because the cost of maintenance is too high (one actually started a project but hasn’t
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