Pantheon, a WordPress and Drupal hosting service with a strong lineup of features for developers, today announced that it has raised a $29 million Series C round. Investors in this round include previous investors Foundry Group, OpenView Investment Partners, and Scale Venture Partners, as well as new investor Industry Ventures, which put $8.5 million into this round. This new round follows Pantheon’s $21.5 million Series B round in 2014 and brings the company’s total funding to $57 million. As Pantheon CEO and co-founder Zack Rosen told me, the company wants to help build the foundational technology for the web and eventually get to the point where it powers 30 percent of all sites. For now, though, he’s happy to simply make progress to getting to 1 percent, which he thinks the company will achieve in a few years. To help make that happen, the company plans to launch a migration toolkit next week that will allow website owners to more easily bring their existing site to the company’s platform. As Rosen told me, Pantheon now hosts 150,000 sites and while the company doesn’t release customer numbers, Rosen says that the company is seeing customer growth of
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