Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Released last Thursday, it’s an augmented reality smartphone app that pushes players outside to capture Pokemon characters. If you see groups of people staring at their phones as they walk along, they might be playing Pokemon Go. It’s a wild phenomenon, and it offers lessons for freelancers. The game is already poised to surpass Twitter, and it reportedly boosted Nintendo’s market value by $9 billion (or maybe that’s all hype?). As the game spread virally over the weekend, there were also reports of injuries, robberies and more. The craze is garnering massive attention, and there are already lots of resources to help you learn how to play (though they can read like a foreign language). Pokemon Go Backlash Of course not everyone is thrilled: WTH is all this Pokemon stuff? I choose to ignore. #GetOffMyLawn — carrie dils (@cdils) July 13, 2016 Pokemon Go is dumb. Besides the safety issues, all it does is train people to be even more obsessed with their phones. — jamesdalman (@jamesdalman) July 12, 2016 Pokemon GO. Away. — Nancy Lyons (@Nylons) July 12, 2016 There’s also all the mockery you’d
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