Last November, I published a Kickstarter, and was completely blown away by the support. This month, the funding ran out, so I thought I’d post one last RESTful WP-CLI update. Actually, the story doesn’t end here. I’m writing a massive retrospective post about using Kickstarter to fund open source, so keep an eye out for that. Also, WP-CLI v0.24.0 is due out a week from now, July 27th, and it’s looking to be the largest release ever. When you do a Kickstarter, it’s really just the beginning of something bigger. Enough with the superlatives, let’s dive into some new features. Remember: RESTful WP-CLI features require under the hood changes to WP-CLI. You’ll want to wp cli update --nightly to play with this new functionality locally. Once you’ve done so, you can wp package install wp-cli/restful to install the latest. Effortlessly use WP-CLI against any WordPress install WP-CLI aliases are shortcuts you register in your wp-cli.yml or config.yml to effortlessly run commands against any WordPress install. For instance, if I’m working locally on the runcommand theme, have registered a new rewrite rule, and need to flush rewrites inside
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