I was honored to be part of the inaugural WPCampus event this past weekend. WPCampus is a WordPress event, but not a WordCamp. Similar to a few conferences in the past like Pressnomics (which focuses on business) and LoopConf (which focuses on developers). WPCampus is focused on the higher education sector, and how WordPress can benefit that sector. Speakers (many of them working in the high-education area) share their case studies and stories about how they use WordPress in their colleges, schools, or their own development work. The concept was born from Rachael Carden and (yadda yadda yadda) the first conference became a reality this past weekend in Sarasota Florida. Here are my observations. Familiar, But Different The conference had around 150 attendees. It’s been quite some time since I have been to a conference that size. If you plan things well, there are certain advantages to events of that number of people. One being is that you have the chance to get to know or at speak to the majority of that crowd if you so desired. For WPCampus, there was also the fact that the attendees were all coming from the same group – higher education. But still everyone had a different
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