Reviews are vital to the success of a product or service. Good reviews encourage people to buy. Bad reviews discourage them from buying. In the WordPress world, reviews can make or break a developer’s product. Review ratings are prominently displayed next to themes and plugins on They give website owners good feedback on the performance of the theme or plugin in question from other fellow WordPress users. Even products with high scores have negative reviews on What happens when developers give an incentive to users to leave a positive review? Should they be punished for trying to give users a reason for leaving a review? This was something that we found out this week when Dan Cameron from Sprout Apps was punished by for trying to “defraud their ratings system”. In his blog post “What Now? No Way? Huh?” Dan explained his surprise and frustration about the reaction from and why he was unhappy about them removing reviews of his WordPress plugin Sprout Invoices. Sprout Invoices Encouraging Reviews Through Discounts During my recent trip to Vienna for WordCamp Europe I was lucky enough to meet BlogVault
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