In the autumn of last year a funny thing happened. Jeff Chandler, editor at WordPress Tavern, approached us to ask what we could do to fix their commenting woes. We weren’t sure what to think, but the words heck yes definitely came to mind. WordPress Tavern has been the defacto WordPress news portal since 2009. They publish daily news, tips, and interviews covering all things WordPress and do so with excellence. Jeff and Sarah Gooding are both fantastic journalists as well as generously supportive of funky WordPress startups. Commenting at the speed of troll The horrible Tavern Troll used to be common in the comments area but has largely been eradicated. Commenting on WP Tavern had become a 21 second experience. Twenty One Seconds. You would write your comment, hit submit, and take a walk. Oh. And there were trolls, too. Keeping unsavory commenters off of the site was a daily chore and moderation was a nightmare. Plus a large percentage of comments never had follow-up replies. It was time for a change. We worked with Jeff to identify 9 pain points in their commenting system: The user experience was terrible. Publishing comments was way too slow and the comment form didn’t
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