Building on the success of its Q&A communities, Stack Overflow announced that its new Documentation product is now in beta. For the past eight years, the site has rewarded expert advice by floating high quality answers to the top and allowing users to earn reputation points. This formula has turned out to be more successful than traditional forums where it’s often difficult, if not impossible, to discern the quality of answers provided to questions. Stack Overflow Documentation is curated by the community and focuses on providing code examples for developers. It offers versioning, collaborative authoring, and voting, which helps surface the best contributions. The documentation segment of the site has a new set of reputation badges and is open to contribution and feedback from anyone. “Documentation gives a home to a lot of this good content that has been turned away, or very hard to ‘get right’ in the Q&A format. Namely, the canonical, general reference, instructional content,” Stack Overflow developer Kevin Montrose said in the announcement. “It’s need-driven and self-healing,” Montrose said. “The best, most diligent technical
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