I consider myself lucky every morning when I wake up and get out of bed. I remind myself that I am a web developer, and every day is another day to make the internet better. I hope you feel the same. If you are a developer/designer, lead, project manager, or executive, you play your part in making the internet better, too. With these parts we play, we spend a good amount of our day in front of computers. Our time tends to be pretty sedentary. Some will counteract that with standing desks, but that is still not a lot. We need to take special considerations to stay healthy so we can keep doing what we do! Here are a few ways I’ve found help me make my health a priority, while still working all the while. Please note: I am not a licensed professional or “expert” on the topics that follow. Take the presented information as general information and things to consider. The small stuff Throughout our days, we should be making sure to take small breaks to get up and move around. A little bit of stretching goes a long way. Even just a walk around the house for a little bit helps us get moving and alleviate stress on the body. This keeps us active and provides a break for our
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