In Contributing to WordPress Core via GitHub, I detailed the somewhat-tedious workflow that I’ve been using for developing and collaborating on patches that get manually uploaded to Trac. Now that the topic of using GitHub for Core contributions is again up for discussion at the WordPress Community Summit, I wanted to jot down some ideas for how to automate the workflow I’ve been using; I’ll be looking specifically at what a streamlined workflow for contributions looks like via a GitHub fork of the WordPress repo managed by a component maintainer, such as our XWP clone. (For how to set up a GitHub clone of, see my previous post.) Caveat: This is intended for users in trusted contributor teams as it requires the user to open an internal (intra-repo) pull request from feature branch to master. It will not work when opening a pull request from a fork due to Travis CI’s security restrictions on environment variables. So any pull requests from external contributors will need to be manually applied to a feature branch by a repo contributor and then open an intra-repo pull request (while closing the original inter-repo pull request). I’ll
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