Anyway, the web is chock full of WordPress hosting reviews, comparisons, recommendations and whatnots. Everyone seems to have their favorite provider … as well as their least favorite one. And that’s probably the main problem with hosting reviews. I mean, a piece of advice like, “hey, this hosting platform works for me, and therefore you should use it too” perhaps isn’t the most useful advice imaginable. And it’s surely not advice that is most likely to work for the majority of people. So, even though we indeed have our favorites when it comes to WordPress hosting, and even more so, each individual member of our team has their own favorites too, we’ve decided to take a different path and give you – our readers – the spotlight: TL;DR This is our first ever WordPress hosting survey. Scroll down to take part, as well as find out why we’re running it, why you should participate, and what’s the big idea anyway. :) In short, we really want to know how the popular hosting companies and their specific hosting plans/packages end up performing for people in the long run. I mean, to some extent, reviewing WordPress hosting is like
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