WordPress is one of the most popular, and effective, content management systems out there. You can set up a website within minutes, style it using the diverse themes and plugins offered to WordPress users, and not necessarily break the bank while you’re at it. That being said, WordPress does come with its challenges. With the market being flooded with high quality themes, it is not surprising theme developers are competing against one another. So, developers constantly update their themes for tighter security, better web design, and increased functionality. But wait, that’s a good thing right? Of course it is! There is nothing better than having updated themes. In fact, updated themes ensure an appealing design and a great user experience. However, there is a drawback to this. For instance, say you make custom changes to your website in order to make it truly unique. Or maybe you add some code to add a functionality your theme doesn’t offer. And then your theme automatically updates. All of that hard work you invested into your website is now gone. The truth is WordPress does not always update well. And in response to this particular challenge came the concept of child
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