My journey of becoming a ninja, an Automattician and beyond When I joined Woo 3.5 years ago, who would’ve thought I’d become besties with an American- Norwegian, my two bosses, an Italian dancer in support, a theme designer from Portugal, the co-leader in marketing who thought I was full of shit, and a developer in Holland. I certainly didn’t, and that’s been the amazing thing: more than the places Woo took me, Woo allowed me to meet incredible people. And I’ve witnessed the beauty of our diverse team, with a wide variety of skills, overcoming some amazing challenges. New chapters tend to begin when we least expect them to. As of Monday I’ll be joining Shopify, and to mark this significant change, here are some thoughts on the journey up to to today and the decision I had to make. The past: Wonderful times at Woo I’ve led a varied career. If there is anything I’ve done well it’s been proving my ability to be thrown into any situation and, for the most part, thriving. Woo took a chance on me; many friends said outright that I fell ass backwards into the best gig ever. Woo gave me a chance to really throw myself into the deep end,
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