As a developer, I love simple tools that do a specific set of tasks really well and then get out of your way. I use tools like MAMP, WP-CLI, Grunt, and Git as well as simple command-line utilities like z, tail, and rsync every day and they do their jobs well. The only problem is that I’m usually only scratching the surface of what many of these tools can do; I’ve slotted them into my workflow and haven’t really bothered to dig deeper and really discover the potential that they have to offer. I know I’m biased, but I think WP Migrate DB Pro is also one of those indispensable tools, and for many developers it might just have some untapped potential. So let’s put on our hacker hats and explore beyond the UI into what WP Migrate DB Pro can accomplish when we get creative. The Life-Changing Magic of Hooking Up Say what you will about the WordPress codebase, but I think we can all agree that the WordPress hook system is a thing of beauty. WP Migrate DB Pro uses the hook system extensively for both internal use and to enable extensibility and customization. We’ve put together a handy Tweaks plugin which documents most of our available hooks, but I’d
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