Question I have received some great feedback on my last post, Harsh Agrawal commented on the post asking for a recommendation for a plugin for adding structured data. There are tons of plugins available but I really wish there was a perfect plugin that I swear upon, but it’s a little complicated than that, so I decided to make a blog post out of it. I have gone through all the available Structured data plugins, some of them used to work, some of them kinda work and some of them…. well, they are premium, so I haven’t got a chance to get my hands on it. I have spent a few hours trying pick and test some of the plugins that I liked the most and decided to write my opinion on them. 1. WP SEO Structured Data Schema by Phil Singleton I have also mentioned this plugin in one of my earlier posts as well, this seems to be the one that is very easy to use and understand for a non-technical end user. There are two main sections of this plugin: After you activate the plugin, go to the options page of the plugin by clicking on the WP SEO Schema menu from the left sidebar in WP-admin. If you are a local business, then select ‘LocalBusiness’ otherwise select Organization
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