If you’ve ever wanted to see data on how your visitors are interacting with your website, the free WP Google Analytics Events plugin might be just what you need. Recently, one of our customers asked if they can track their user’s behavior when using one of our plugins. Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool that is very often underused. Besides tracking page views and sessions, you can track clicks on buttons and links as well. Adding Event Tracking manually to any website can be achieved by adding a custom click “event” with JavaScript but it’s a more advanced process. WP Google Analytics Events This tutorial will show you how to do that in WordPress easily with the free WP Google Analytics Events plugin from WPflow.com. For this tutorial we’ll use a restaurant website as an example. We’ll track how often visitors click on the “Find A Table” button using our OpenTable Widget. Collecting this data will help you to compare how many visitors clicked to make a reservation, compared to the data you get from OpenTable for how many reservations you actually got. This gives you insight as to how well your site is converting new reservations
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