This month’s report is a little later than I will usually be doing them – I will be aiming to get these out the first week of the new month from now on. The reason for the delay is I went on holiday at the start of July to Ibiza with my family which was great. Since the sale of WPLift, this was the first holiday I’ve had for years where I didn’t have to do any real work, aside from the odd customer support email of course! Last month was a very busy one for me, after the acquisitions of Fimply and AlienWP I decided to merge the two sites together under the AlienWP brand. I decided to redesign the AlienWP site as the old design was a little dated, wasn’t responsive and it used Restrict Content Pro as the membership plugin – I prefer to use Easy Digital Downloads so I dedicated the start of the month to yet another website overhaul. I also completed the purchase of a new domain name ( more on that below ) and I also updated some themes for the official directory. Here’s what happened in June. AlienWP Redesign My first project of the month was to redesign the AlienWP website, I liked the design of it but it wasn’t responsive and I felt it
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