We’ve helped a variety of large companies, many of which are household names, make the move to WordPress. Our experience and passion for WordPress leads us to believe that open source software is the future for enterprise companies. There are a lot of questions about how this works–how WordPress can scale, why WordPress is the best choice over, say, a proprietary content management system that they’ve had built in-house, and what WordPress is really capable of. We’ve also encountered a lot of misconceptions about what WordPress is and what it can do. On July 18th, our CEO, Brad Williams, is going to share why WordPress is the best choice for enterprise companies, and talk about our experiences working in the enterprise space. He’s going to share some myths and talk about the realities of WordPress for large, international companies, too! Whether you’re thinking of bringing your company site over to WordPress, or you’re part of the WordPress community and want to know what concerns enterprise company executives have about WP, you will definitely want to get in on this. This webinar is completely free, and we’d love for you to join us: If
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