Countless developers make their living from WordPress – authoring splendid themes, ingenious plugins, and providing custom WordPress development services and solutions to the millions of platform users on the web. It makes sense for the industry to be extremely competitive. Providing best in class WordPress products and solutions at highly competitive prices consistently to scores and droves of WordPress users/ clients is a huge undertaking. To help you bear the brunt, here is an updated list of top WordPress development tools in 2016, an even mix of plugins, browser extensions, boilerplates, IDEs, and more, all working for the same goal – to streamline your development process. Take a look: 1. Theme Check Everyone makes mistakes, and even with years of WordPress theme development experience under your belt, you will slip up occasionally with potentially disastrous consequences – your theme could fail the official repository’s theme review process, or cause serious complications that may take hours to fix on your clients’ websites. Better to be safe than sorry – and with that in mind, Theme Check is a brilliant plugin to rely on for WordPress front
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