As many of you know, my brother and I launched our first official WordPress plugin, WP Coupons, back in June of this year. This was very exciting for us because we both live and breathe WordPress every day and we are proud to be able to give back to the community. Read about our experience below. What We Learned Launching Our First WP Plugin Our WP Coupons plugin was born out of need, which is probably where some of the best creations and ideas come from. We needed something to increase our conversions and CTR, and so we created it. After a while we got so many emails about the plugin we finally decided to develop it full time and release it to the public. Since this was our first time launching a product, we definitely learned some things along the way. 1. Leave More Time for Testing Than You Think We knew from the beginning that we needed to test our plugin in a lot of different themes and scenarios to prevent tickets and bugs from popping up after launch. What I don’t think we anticipated was the amount of time we needed to spend testing. src: memegenerator So note, allot many weeks for testing your plugin. And depending on the size of your plugin, you might need to even test
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