As a plugin developer who released a few plugins on, I sometimes feel like the song says: “Je t’aime… moi non plus“. Well, sexual content aside :p There are two questions I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. Dan Cameron’s post “What Now? No Way? Huh?“ made me feel that maybe others are asking themselves those questions too. Disclaimer: this post is not at all a critic of the current system. I am not trying to provoke anyone in the community. I am merely trying to get answers to two selfish questions I’ve been asking myslef: Who am I in the WordPress community? What are my “rights”? Prelude While this is not the only thing I’ve been wondering about, this post was inspired by how incentivized reviews are being handled. My first interaction with the .org team on this matter dates back to April 2016 when I released, in all honesty, a small library, WP Review Me, where discount codes were automatically given in exchange for a review. Otto came down hard on me very quickly in this GitHub issue: Then, there was Dan’s post, to which I left a pretty
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