Since we’ve been posting about it constantly for the last month, you probably already know that we hosted our first webinar this past Monday. Brad talked about why enterprise companies should use WordPress, and detailed some of the basic misconceptions business owners have about WordPress. In case you missed it, we have a treat for you! You can watch it right here and now: A few highlights: “A lot of the reasons that WordPress has become so popular–there aren’t really restrictions. You can use it for whatever you want.” “A lot of people think WordPress can’t handle a large load of traffic. It’s not true. WP can handle millions and millions of hits. Really, the only limitations of what WordPress can handle depends on what your hosting can handle.” Wondering which enterprise companies use #WordPress (externally and/or internally)? Here are just a few. #WebDevinar — WebDevStudios (@webdevstudios) July 18, 2016 “WordPress is a platform that people can understand how to use. Your team will want to use the tools you provide them and manage the content and manage the media because WordPress makes it
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