Here’s a not-so-radical proposition: You should spend more time on your own website than on social media, if you want to market your brand effectively. There are four primary reasons why that proposition is true, and they’re listed below, but they generally boil down to one truth: What you pay attention to is what grows stronger. If your goal is to generate and capture more leads for your brand, your first priority should be your own content, on your own site – and here’s why: Image Source: Unsplash – / License: CC0 Public Domain Social Media’s Best Use is Driving Traffic to Your Site In property valuation, there’s a concept known as highest and best use. Basically, it says that all things being equal, when a property is put to its most effective natural use, it’s more valuable. Social media marketing also has a highest and best use: Driving traffic to your website. There’s no doubt there’s a place for social media in a smart inbound marketing plan. After all, HubSpot’s Marketing Statistics page tells us that over 80% of B2B marketers do some kind of social media marketing. If it were worthless, they wouldn’t
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