Today marks an important milestone for our team: WooCommerce finally has its own home. We’ve moved our site over from to to provide focus for our team, clarity for our customers and to reflect what has become Woo’s core business. Read on to learn some of the history behind WooCommerce and what motivated this change in our site. Conceiving Woo In March 2008, sitting in my London home office — and by that I mean a desk in a small bedroom — I fondly remember pushing pixels around in Photoshop attempting to design a logo for a company Adii, Magnus and myself had just named: “WooThemes,” a play on “Woot” and “WordPress.” “Woo” text placed in a vector speech bubble. Using the “Apple Casual” font with a back to front “W” character. The symbol looked unique and bold, and with a not-so-subtle gradient we ticked the Web 2.0 stereotype. The Woo homepage as it appeared in July 2008, flashback! That was the start of our adventure and the brand that has carried us on a significant journey. Over time, “Woo” turned out to be the acronym for “winning others
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