How many times have you come across an article which suggests ways to make your WordPress website faster? You’re probably sick and tired of them. The sorry thing is most of them recycle the same old tricks over and over again. I’ve got news for you: The bad news is that this is another article on how to make your WordPress website faster. The good news is that it’s a totally new concept. It’s called HTTP/2. What is HTTP and Why Do We Need HTTP/2? First of all, you’re probably extremely familiar with HTTP. Although you may now know exactly what it means and what it does, you probably use it dozens of times every day. Every time you visit Google. Or even Essentially, HTTP (short for HyperText Transfer Protocol) is the way a browser and a web server communicate with each other. In not too technical terms, HTTP is the language that is used by the web server and the client to communicate. I won’t be digging too deeply into HTTP, what it is and how it works. If you want to read more about it, check out the Wikipedia page. HTTP was first documented officially in 1991 as version 0.9. This is more than 25 years ago, which in technology is eons.
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