Photo by Kari Leigh Marucchi & Sheri Bigelow As the time for WordCamp US 2016 draws near a lot of us are scrutinizing our calendars and starting to think about travel planning. With the big event just a few months away; dates, times, travel, and lodging are all decisions that need to be made and for some of you the WordPress Community Summit will heavily influence those choices. So it is our absolute pleasure to announce that the next WordPress Community Summit will not be hosted by WordCamp US. The next WordPress Community Summit will be hosted by another WordCamp you all might of heard of: WordCamp Europe 2017. We don’t have all the details in place, so consider this post a save-the-date card for those of you who are looking to attend the next Community Summit. More details will be available in the coming months. Subscribe to WordCamp Europe 2017 and Make WordPress Community to ensure you get all the details. Tickets are now available for WordCamp US, and speaker slots are filling up! We’ll see you December 2-4 in Philadelphia! And then again in Paris.
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