The following is the original notes on my WCEU talk about WordPress reviews. It’s more or less what I said, though the video will no doubt be up soon. 30 Months In Jail Over a One Star Review This is a true story. In late 2014, a man violently assaulted a woman who left a bad review on his self published ebook. He stalked her, sorting out her pseudonym, finding her real name, address, and work location. He traveled 500 miles, found her at work in Scotland and hit her over the head with a full bottle of wine. He received 30 months in jail for the assault and stalking. An Extreme? Not So Much Every day people leave hundreds of reviews on WordPress themes and plugins. They talk about how much they love or hate a plugin, there is rarely any middle ground here, and they are as passionate as the developers themselves. This passion leads to a large amount of confrontation on the WordPress Review Systems. Your Code Is Bad< And You Should Feel Bad< We are all going to get the bad reviews, and while you might want to dismiss the idea of being a stalker or a violent offender, because YOU would never do it, I promise you this. You will react badly to a poor review. It’s human
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