WordPress.org Statistics page has a fresh new design. And it has a new “Local Data” section presenting the active installs segmentation by language. WordPress Stats Updates The good old pie charts are now using subtle colors making it easy for the eye. They also use larger charts to help you distinguish between the inner items. In addition, they added a new “Local Data” chart. The data was always collected by api.wordpress.org but it was never shared publicly. Up until now. Data Source Every WordPress site in the world needs to check whether it uses the latest version. This is why WordPress has a 12 hours cron job that send your site data to check for newer versions. The data it sends is the core version of your current install, installed plugin list with their versions and installed themes list with versions. It also sends server data like PHP and MySQL versions to check for compatibility. Other information like translation files is also being sent. The wp.org API compares the data from your site to the latest data it holds in it’s servers, and returns a response telling your site whether it needs to be updated or if any of the plugins/themes need to be
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