As website code becomes more complicated and repetitive steps that just beg for optimization become ever more commonplace, there should be a better and more efficient development process out there. In this tutorial, I’ll introduce Gulp, and how to integrate it with WordPress theming to automate and enhance the theme development process by putting together an automated workflow. Why You Need to Automate Your Development Workflow Workflow optimization can be incredibly beneficial and rewarding for your development process. Here are some of the reasons to give it a go: It removes all those repetitive and boring tasks, replacing them with custom tools. It saves a lot of time for doing other important core development work. It helps optimizes your website for performance by minifying and optimizing all assets. What You’ll Need WordPress installed on your development machine. Command line basic knowledge. Introduction to Gulp Gulp is a JavaScript task runner that will help automate time-consuming tasks like CSS compressing, Sass compiling, image optimization and browser reloading. Gulp gives you the tools to do various actions automatically after certain trigger events. For example,
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