I’ve been asked this question numerous times so I figured I would go ahead and give my two cents on the topic and create a list of pros and cons for both. I’ve been working with WordPress for about five years now and absolutely love it. I use it on pretty much every client website I build because of how easy it is to understand and teach. Depending on what your goals are and what your budget is really determines which route you should go. What’s The Difference? A pre-built WordPress theme is something you buy from a marketplace such as ThemeForest. These are meant to be sold over and over again to suit simple business needs. Custom WordPress development is the process of wireframing, designing, and developing a custom website to fit your business needs in the best way possible. Pre-built WordPress Themes – Pros: 1) You will save some money. For a small business just trying to get a simple website up this could be a great option. You can buy pre-built themes anywhere from $40 – $65 on ThemeForest. Keep in mind, each one of these themes is very different and have their own caveats and learning curves. Once you’ve bought the theme, you will most likely
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