Does anyone care to explain a WordPress Widget? When I ask students to explain WordPress widgets, I often get either a blank stare. If anyone is daring enough to answer it’s typically along the lines of well they’re these things. And, that’s not a bad answer. A widget in general terms describes something that’s name is unknown. It is often also used to describe something in a broad general sense, a placeholder of sorts. We kind of know what it does, but we haven’t got a good name for it. Thus, widget joins the ranks of similar nouns such as doodads, gizmos, and thingamajigs. Trying to explain a “thing” to someone who is new to WordPress is the tricky part. Now, if I only had something to help me explain it. WordPress Widgets live in sidebar areas Widgets reference the fact that users can select features of their liking and drop them into a sidebar area to add functionally to their theme. Sidebars are flexible columns commonly found to the right side of a blog post. They contain widgets including subscription signup forms, advertisements, and social media buttons. Sidebars have been a part of the WordPress since its initial release. How users
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