photo credit: hiljainenmies – cc “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is a common mindset among WordPress users who don’t regularly update their themes and plugins. The fear of an update breaking something is often stronger than the desire to gain enhancements and security fixes. Why improve something that already works perfectly well? Antti Kuosmanen, founder of, a WordPress hosting company based in Finland, has been performing tested auto-updates for the past three years for thousands of sites. Using the experience he gained as a dedicated hosting provider, Kuosmanen created the WP Safe Updates plugin with the desire to remove the barrier of fear that often prevents users from updating their sites. WP Safe Updates allows users to test plugin updates in a sandbox before applying them on a live site. After installing the plugin, you’ll see a new “test update” link with available updates on the plugins page. Clicking this link creates a sandbox where you can test the plugin update without making any actual changes to the live website. The plugin immediately updates in the sandbox and you’ll see a notice at the
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